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Apr. 13-14, 2024: Power Soul Retrieval Training™ – workshop

Learning shamanism is not just a matter of acquiring methods, but also of increasing spiritual power and knowing how to use it. From the shamanic point of view, people who are not spiritually “power-filled” are prone to illness, accidents, and misfortune. Anyone who has had a traumatic experience may lose a portion of their soul, of their spiritual essence. There are also other reasons this may occur. In this workshop, participants will learn about soul loss and soul retrieval from a shamanic perspective. There will be a particular emphasis on the importance of shamanic power to do successful soul retrieval. Participants will also learn how to re-empower a client’s soul after it has been returned so that the client is once again spiritually power-filled, leading to greater health and well-being. This soul retrieval training is based on worldwide core principles and methods. It does not require Western psychological perspectives and practices.

PREREQUISITE FSS WORKSHOPS: Because effective soul retrieval practice is based in shamanic power, which comes from strong connections with helping spirits and advanced practice in shamanism, participation in this program requires additional prerequisites.

  1. The in-person weekend Basic Workshop: The Way of the ShamanOR substitute these three 7-hour online workshops for the Basic: The Shamanic Journey: Pathway to Knowledge & Power AND Shamanic Divination in Practice AND Shamanism, Spirits & Healing
  2. AND Shamanism, Dying & Beyond (in person)OR The Shaman As Psychopomp (online)
  3. AND Shamanic Extraction Healing Training (in person) OR Shamanic Extraction Healing Method (online)
  4. ORThe Two Week Shamanic Healing Intensive may be substituted for the above.

13 FSS Continuing Education (CE) Credits available. (Link for information on how to verify acceptance of FSS CE credits with your approval board.)

WHERE: The New Center, 8 W. 66th St. Richfield, MN 55423

WHEN: April 13-14,, 2024, 2024, 9AM to 5PM both days.

COST: $275 until April 7, 2024.  After that the cost is $295.

To register: Fill out the form below and either send a check made out to RATTLE AND DRUM JOURNEYS to 4521 29th Ave. S. Minneapolis, MN.  55406

or to pay with a credit or debit card:  Visit and pay the workshop fee to Rattle and Drum Journeys.

For more information or questions, contact me at:


Power Soul Retrieval Training™: 2024 Apr. 13-14

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