Everything is alive

— The sun is a circle. —
— The moon is a circle. —
— The earth is a circle. —
— We are a circle. —
— Everything that is, is alive. —
— And everything has a place on the circle. —

Welcome to Rattle and Drum Journeys!

We are dedicated to fostering people’s personal healing, growth, and empowerment and to strengthening their connection to the world of spirit. We do this by providing tools giving people access to that world through workshops, classes, events, individual coaching and healing consultation.

Our principal focus is exploring the shamanic path. Shamanism is the collective name anthropologists give to the spiritual beliefs and practices of many of the world’s tribal peoples. It is the oldest spiritual tradition known to humanity. One of its basic tenets is that everything is imbued with the essence of the Divine and so in a spiritual sense everything can be said to be alive. Shamanism taps into and explores that cosmic vitality. Though ancient, it remains a robust and viable path for people today.

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