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1. What is a shaman?
Different people, as you might expect, will give you different answers to this question. In my universe, a shaman is someone who sends his or her spirit on a journey into the spirit world and while there, endeavors to be of service in some way. This service can take many forms; among these are divination, empowerment, the escorting of other souls to and from the spirit world and — of course — healing. It can be on behalf of individuals, groups of people, a specific community, a specific locale, or the tangible World at large. Having performed such service in the spirit world, the shaman then returns to the everyday world.

2. Are you a shaman?
That’s not for me to say. In many tribal cultures, calling yourself a shaman is akin to calling yourself wise. It’s generally considered to be bad form. The title shaman is an honorific that others may choose to bestow upon you if you have been helpful.

3. If you’re not a shaman,
what are you then?

Good question. I am someone who is interested in and has been trained in various shamanic techniques. Whenever I do shamanic work, it is an opportunity for me to hone my skills through practice, just as a doctor, lawyer, artist, or musician does. Therefore when I myself speak or write about what I do, I refer to myself as a shamanic practitioner.

4. So if I come to see you,
how long does a session take?

It takes as long as it takes. Every situation is different. An initial session with me generally takes between two and three hours. However on some occasions, a session has taken much longer. On the other hand, follow-up sessions can take less time because less explanation and orientation are needed.

5. So there are follow-up sessions?
How many?

Again, every situation is different. It may depend on the kind of shamanic work being done. Was the client seeking divinatory answers to questions or some kind of healing? If the latter, clients often find it helpful to do further work to integrate the healing of the first session. In the case of serious or chronic illness, multiple sessions may indeed be recommended. However, not every situation calls for this and in any case, the decision to pursue further work always lies in the hands of the client.

6. If I come to you for healing, how long
will it take for me to feel better? 

Every situation is different. I’m saying that a lot, aren’t I? Some people experience profound healing and transformation immediately. Others may leave a session not feeling any different than when they came in. Many people’s experience falls somewhere on a continuum between these possibilities. Often people get back to me sometime after a session — a week, a month, sometimes even longer — to let me know that the healing has settled in and they are feeling better. When addressing physical concerns shamanically, it can typically take a couple of days before the client experiences an easement of symptoms.

7. Do I need to fast or do any kind of special preparation before a session?
Not really. Though if you choose to eat before a session, it is probably best for your own comfort to eat lightly. Wear comfortable clothing.

8. Can I bring a friend with me?
Of course. Friends and family members are very welcome. In traditional shamanic cultures, it is commonplace for healing work to be done in community. The loving, supportive presence of others contributes to and augments the healing. On the other hand, some clients make the choice to seek healing privately and that is okay too.

9. How much does it cost?
I ask $225 for an initial session, which generally runs well over two hours. This work is done as a form of spiritual service. If you know you will have difficulty paying this, please let me know in advance and we can agree on a cost that accommodates you.

10. When are you available for appointments?
I see people for shamanic work Monday through Friday during the day. I am not available for appointments in the evenings or the weekends. Generally the latest I will schedule an afternoon appointment is 4:00 P.M.

11. Do you do long-distance work?
I do. To date, I have worked with clients throughout the United States, and also in Canada, Uruguay, Switzerland, Germany, Scotland, and Dubai. Through Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, etc., it is now possible to do long distance work with a face-to-face connection. Long distance work can be just as effective as in-person work.

12. How do I make an appointment?
Give me a call 612-721-5566 or email me with a request for video conversation. I like to chat a bit with a person to find out if shamanic work is right for them and if I am the right practitioner for them. That way both of us can scope the other out.

13. What does it all mean?
This is the basic existential question of our species, and it is one that even the greatest spiritual teachers are hard-pressed to answer. You might want to consider learning how to journey shamanically, so that you could ask the spirits this question and experience their responses directly. Who knows? In doing so, you might find yourself at play in the universe.

If you have other questions about the ins and outs of my practice, please call or email me. I’ll do my best to answer them.